Department of Optometry


  • The Department of Optometry is a new academic department, the first of its kind in Korea, founded as a four-year degree. The program combines general non-major courses with practice-oriented major courses. The learning model, designed to develop students' problem-solving abilities and creativity, also assigns importance to foreign language proficiency. The department is committed to cultivating active medical professionals who can adapt to industrial circumstances but also to take leadership roles in society and in the professions.

  • The department provides the students with a comprehensive curriculum which covers visual and ophthalmic optics, related technologies as well as sophisticated practice skills required for the profession.
  • For four years the courses encompass both scientific and job-training studies covering basic biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, visual and ophthalmic optics, geometric and wave optics, spectacle prescription and dispensing theory and practice, contact lenses, the measurement and correction of refractive errors, etc.
  • The department has a Lens Fabrication Lab, Ophthalmic Optics Lab, Refraction & Orthoptics Lab, Contact Lens Lab, Ophthalamic& Clinical Optics Lab, Optical Instrument Lab, Spectacle Fabrication and Dispensing Lab, Total Optometry Lab, and Physical Optics Lab.
  • The students after graduation usually apply to the optical instrument manufacturing companies, spectacle material manufacturing companies, glasses shops, glasses manufacturing companies, ophthalmology and master degree of Health, etc.